Writing Update / Camp NaNoWriMo #2

Hello again friends! I'm back again with another writing update. I wish this were the one where I said my draft was finished and I was on to edits, but alas, life gets in the way, and I'm not quite there yet. After finishing Camp NaNoWriMo back in April, I must have drained my writing… Continue reading Writing Update / Camp NaNoWriMo #2


Writing Update / Camp NaNoWriMo

Hi friends! If you've been following along, you'll know that this year I'm committed to achieving a big goal I've had for a long time: write a novel. I've written plenty of things in the past, and had a few short stories and poems published but my dream has always been to write books and… Continue reading Writing Update / Camp NaNoWriMo

Monthly Recap

November Recap

Reading Recap: Alright, so another reading month has passed, and I got through 8 books last month. Bot bad. It leaves me a bit behind on my goal for the year, but I'm now just a reach away from hitting my December goal. I'm at 89/100 books for the year now! Here's what I read… Continue reading November Recap