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Top Sapphic Releases of 2020

A list of my favourite sapphic books published in 2020.

Monthly Recap

April Recap

Is it just me or did April FLY by? Meanwhile March felt like a million years. Anyway, my month had absolutely no structure and was spent mostly finding enjoyment in hobbies and not putting pressure on myself to be productive. This worked out fairly well for me reading-wise, as I read 13 books this past… Continue reading April Recap

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Fall 2019 Sapphic Books to Watch out For

1) All the Bad Apples by Moira Fowley-Doyle Release date: August 27th 2019 Okay, so yeah this one is technically end of summer, but it's on the edge. I had the pleasure of already reading this one, and the vibes are the perfect fall vibes in a book. It's dark, eery, and incredibly atmospheric. Definitely one to… Continue reading Fall 2019 Sapphic Books to Watch out For