About Me

Hi, I’m Emily!

As you can probably already tell, I love books. That’s probably why you’re here too.

The important facts first: I’m an unwavering Ravenclaw with some Slytherin tendencies. My loyalties are torn between House Targaryen and House Stark. I love fantasy, but will read anything that appeals to me. I prefer tea over coffee, but still drink coffee from time to time. My weakness is french fries, or any form of salty potato. And last but not least, you will literally never find me without a book on me.

Some other maybe relevant things: I’m currently doing my Master’s of Library and Information Science, while working part-time as a library assistant in an academic library. A few years ago I completed my undergrad in English Language & Literature with a minor in Classic Studies. So essentially, I’m just a really big nerd. I love anything involving words.

My big life goal is to write and publish a novel. I want to write books that will change teens lives the way my favourite books have impacted me. I’ve so far published a few poems and short stories in the past, and have written a novel (not worth reading), but this is the year I focus on writing something I’m truly proud of. I’m in the early stages of my dream fantasy novel, and I hope one day you’re able to read it.

In the meantime, here’s my blog! Here you’ll find my bookish musings, reviews, and random posts. And maybe one day some sneak peaks of my book as it’s coming along.