2020 Bookish Goals

Hi friends! Another year, another day to set goals.

I normally don’t set drastic resolutions or goals that start on January 1st because time is arbitrary and why not make changes at any point in time and not confined to the year?

But, I do like having a set of goals that drive me to achieve things I want to achieve, so here we are.

1) To start simply, I’ve set my Goodreads reading challenge to 52 books. I would love to aim for more, and after doing 100+ books in 2018, I’d love to try that again, but in 2019 I set the goal of writing a book, so I lowered my reading goal to allow more time for writing. I was successful in this and wrote my first draft! I also read 58 books! While also starting my Master’s degree! I have other big writing goals this year, but still want to keep up with books so my goal for the year will remain 52 books.

2) Edit. My. Draft!! I started a bit of this in December, but in the next two months, I want to get my first edit complete to get it out to beta readers and get feedback. This is a daunting task but it’s my main goal right now.

3) QUERY MY BOOK. This ties in to my previous goal. I want to get my editing and feedback complete sooner rather than later. I would love to start querying agents by my birthday (July 24th), and go into the second half of the year feeling good about proud of my manuscript.

4) Don’t read a single book by a white, straight, cis man for the entirety of 2020. Looking back on 2019, I only read 2 books that fall into this category, but I want to keep my focus on diverse books and titles that don’t get as much attention. I’ll still read some of the hyped things that catch my attention, but if there’s a book by a white, straight, cis man that catches my interest, it’s gonna be waiting until 2021. There are other stories out there I want to read.

5) Review every arc I request before its release date. I’ve been pretty good at this in the past, but the Bookcon haul threw me off a bit. I’ll still be finishing books this year I received from there, but the books I request will be priority.

6) DNF books I’m not enjoying. This can be kinda counter to my previous goal, but life is too short and there’s too many books to force myself through the ones I’m really not into.

7) Make time to relax and read leisurely amongst the hell that is grad school. I did decently at this my first semester, but the first month was rough. I was stressing about bringing my marks up high and getting all my readings done. Turns out, I don’t need to read all the readings and also aspiring for a high 80 mark isn’t going to get me any further than a 75-80. I’m not doing my PhD. High marks won’t get me the job. Just do well, understand my work, don’t overstress and at least maintain the average to qualify for co-op! (My average after first semester turned out actually really good. So basically, just aspire to maintain or not drop too much and I’ll be good. And hopefully land a co-op in my hometown for Sept is the goal!)

So that’s mainly it for bookish and literary goals. I don’t have much in terms of concrete goals outside the bookish world at the moment, because my life is consumed by books and school and with minimal free time, I’ve been dedicated my only free time to these things and I aspire to reach my life goal of publishing a book. I’m going to work to make that happen. I’m also going to work towards finding a place in my field and settling back to my hometown to return to living with my partner.

Goals outside of the bookish world are basically just about fitness (maintaining being active tremendously helps my mental health and I’ve gotten to a really good and healthy place with my body and fitness these past few months and I want to maintain it). I plan on signing up for a spring 10k, and continue enjoying the gym and getting stronger. I want to treat my body well and see what amazing things I can do with it.

So that’s about it!

I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings. 2019 was a wild ride filled with really high highs and really low lows. Let’s leave those lows in the past decade and move forward with good things!


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