Writing Update #3

Friends!! It happened!! I FINISHED MY FIRST DRAFT.

To me, that was the first biggest obstacle to get over. Over the years, I’d started and put down many projects, but this was one I wanted to see to completion. It’s the first book-writing process I’ve really taken seriously, and here we are: I have a finished draft!!

Not to say there’s not still lots of work to do, however.

Anyway, this update is a bit late. If you’ve followed along my writing updates, you’d see I set myself a tentative deadline to finish on August 10th 2019. And exactly one day before that, August 9th, was the day I finished my draft. 

And I haven’t looked at my work for a second since. But that’s the plan. At first I wanted to get in some quick editing before starting school back up again, but it didn’t happen. I quickly realized I had way too much going on end of August/beginning of September to make that happen, so my current plan is setting it aside and not look at it for two months, and then read through it in its entirety with fresh eyes.

My first round of edits will be commenting on the content and overall storyline as I read through it. I printed out a physical copy of my draft, and I know there are sections where I need to add in backstory that was later added. I’ll be making note of all the content that needs to be changed, added, removed, and then go through and write it in.

It’s a daunting task, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a lot between projects for grad school, alongside my own project, but now that I have this draft done, I’m so motivated to just keep the process going. As I’ve immersed myself into more of the writing community, seeing others reach their goals continually inspired me to keep shooting for mine.

Now onto talking about content:

Looking back on my last update, I liked how I described my book in one line. Now that I’ve finished it, I can say that this definitely sums it up nicely:

It’s a book about love, friendship and revolution, and finding where you belong and what you stand for. “

One of the most interesting things I dealt with while writing this.. was how my story changed the more I got into it. So my process, I started with an outline. I had my basic plot, and then I filled in the gaps and plotted out a chapter-by-chapter outline of my story.  Then about halfway into the story.. I realized the ending I had set out for my characters just wasn’t going to work anymore.

As much as this derailed my plan, this was also the moment I felt like I had truly created characters with dimension. My characters evolved on their own to the point where the ending had to go a different way, because I could no longer force my characters into the original ending I had planned.

This, in my opinion, left me actually feeling much better about my story. It added in elements that I didn’t original plan to put in there.

I’m excited to move onto the next steps, and I also want to thank all of you! Becoming a part of this online community has done wonders.

I hope one day you all will be able to read my book.

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